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Dr. Mrs. Kaushal Kadam, Medical Director of Corion Fertility Clinic has been doing surrogacy for the past five years and has been successful in helping a number of patients from all over the world take their babies back home to their country.

The clinic runs a very successful surrogacy program with a success rate of approx. 50-60%. This has been possible because of the stringent criteria used by CORION in selecting good healthy surrogates and taking good care of them during their antenatal period. All surrogates undergo a rigorous and elaborate screening before they are finally taken into the program. Only those women who have experienced labour before or have been pregnant before are selected. Once chosen, they are counselled by a counsellor regarding this process to prepare them for the same. A complete physical examination followed by a battery of tests to rule out any hormonal imbalances and infectious diseases are done prior to beginning their preparation. A profile with a picture for the same is mailed to the couple for their approval.

Once the couple approves of her, we will then plan their cycle. The surrogate will be on Estradiol valerate tablets from day 1/2 of her menses for preparing her endometrial lining to accept the embryo. Subsequently, gonadotropin injections will begin for the genetic mother from day 1/2 of her menses. The genetic mother will be on injections for approx. 10 days so that she forms multiple mature eggs in both her ovaries. The egg retrieval will be approx. on day 13 of her injection and the embryo transfer into the surrogate on day 16. The surrogate will then be on tablets and injections for luteal support for 15 days at the end of which a B-hCG test is done to confirm pregnancy.

Once pregnancy is confirmed on ultrasound, regular updates are mailed to the IPs regards the progress of their surrogate. The IPs therefore can be rest assured that their surrogate is in the best of hands and is being cared for at all times. The IPs need to come back only around the time that their surrogate is about to deliver so that they can complete all formalities at their Embassy/Consulate and take their baby back home.

In India, currently there are no definite laws put down for surrogacy. All ART clinics are required to follow the ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) Guidelines for doing the ART procedures in India. As per these guidelines, Surrogacy can be offered only to those couples wherein the wife is physically incapable of carrying a pregnancy to term. We will therefore request you to kindly provide us a certificate from your RE or treating physician stating that Surrogacy is the best treatment option for you.

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