Check list of items you'll need

Suitcase with Baby products, ready six weeks in advance.  Mumbai does have stores available with reasonable ranges of baby products.  So you can buy most everything in Mumbai (Green Bell in Juhu Scheme, Mumbai, has at least some of everything - you're not in Kansas, you're not getting a Babies R Us).  The other consideration is whether or not you'll have access to laundry.  The better access you have to laundry, the less you need to bring.   

  • Formula
  • Baby Bottles (6)
  • Steam Sterilizer (or the microwaveable bags for sterlizing, if you'll have access to a microwave)
  • Oral Suspension (Oval), to buy over the counter (for babies with gas)
  • Clothes/onesies: 6 to 8  (may bring some premie clothes just in case)
  • Clothes/sleepers: 6 to 8  (may bring some premie clothes just in case)
  • Clothes/socks and booties: 4 to 6 pair
  • Receiving blankets: 4
  • Nappies/Diapers (about 70 per week)
  • Extra cloths (to clean the baby's mouth and/or bum)
  • Mittens (so baby doesn't scratch her face)
  • Diaper rash cream (or cornstarch)
  •'ll have to decide if you trust bottled water.  If not, you'll need to boil it.  May need a kettle.
  • Carrier/car seat/rocker or sling.  India does not have car seat laws, so you can use your own judgement. 
  • Crib for the baby to sleep (check if your hotel will have one)
  • Washcloths and Towels (it's unlikely the hotel will have enough to keep up)

Other items you may want to bring

  • Digital thermometer
  • Pain reliever (non aspirin)
  • Rubbing alcohol to clean the umbilical cord stump
  • cotton swabs
  • infant nail clippers
  • suction bulb for nose

Other items

  • ATM Card
  • Indian Rupees (you can use ATM machines to get money)
  • Voltage converter if needed (India is 240V)
  • Camera

Paperwork you'll need (more copies is better, some of this you'll collect along the way)

  • Your passport with Indian Visa
  • Your passport photos
  • Two Copies of Surrogacy Agreement
  • Three Copies of Birth Certificate
  • Letter from Fertility Clinic
  • Letter from Hospital
  • Discharge Card from Hospital
  • Financial papers concerning payment to Clinic
  • Baby passport photos
  • - 1x1 for the FRO office
  • - 2x2 for the U.S. Embassy