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Bangkok Hospital Medical Center (BMC) is one of the most technologically sophisticated hospitals in the world today. Located in Bangkok, Thailand, BMC is an expansive state-of-the-art medical campus providing comprehensive medical care through multidisciplinary teams of highly trained specialists. With its four hospitals and broad range of specialized clinics, BMC is equipped with all of the diagnostic and treatment facilities not generally available at local hospitals. The center has received Joint Commission International accreditation and is known throughout the world for delivering world-class, award-winning healthcare.

The flagship of Thailand's largest hospital group, BMC has more than 650 full-time and consulting physicians, 700 nurses, and numerous teams of support technicians and specialists. We are proud that many of our internationally trained and certified physicians have returned to their homeland committed to improving the quality of national healthcare through advanced treatments and procedures.

We have also set new standards in patient-focused care at BMC, based on our belief that the personalized attention of our doctors, nurses and staff is integral to providing the highest quality medical care. Our medical campus offers virtually every amenity imaginable, from concierge services and luxury accommodation, to translation and visa assistance, shopping and dining, ensuring that every patient's stay is a comfortable one.

* Bangkok Hospital (BGH) is our primary facility for internal medicine, pediatrics and general surgery. BGH houses numerous specialized centers, including endocrinology (diabetes), gynecology, nephrology (kidneys), orthopedics, radiology, urology, cosmetic surgery, eye and LASIK, gastrointestinal tract and liver, and ear, nose and throat.

* Bangkok International Hospital (BIH) is the first hospital in Thailand developed exclusively for international patients, and is designed to address all the cultural and linguistic considerations while providing the full range of amenities expected of a world-class multicultural institution. BIH is subdivided into three designated outpatient departments: Japanese Medical Services (JMS) , Arabic Medical Services (AMS) and International Medical Services (IMS) .

* Bangkok Heart Hospital (BHT) is the only dedicated private heart hospital in Thailand and is regarded as one of the finest cardiac facilities in the country. With its state-of-the-art technology and highly trained physicians and support personnel, BHT offers the most advanced and effective treatments in the fight against cardiovascular disease, and has treated more than 40,000 cardiac outpatients and performed more than 1,100 heart surgeries since opening its doors in 2005.

* Wattanosoth Cancer Hospital (WSH) is the first private cancer hospital in Thailand. Through collaborative research with international institutions and multidisciplinary teams of specialized physicians, WSH utilizes cutting-edge technologies to provide innovative treatment methods that are pioneering advanced cancer treatment in the country.

Vision Statement

Bangkok Hospital Medical Center is dedicated to maintaining the highest internationally accepted standards of medical practice by delivering quality patient care to each visitor. Our paramount objective is our patients' complete satisfaction
Mission Statement

We are committed to providing medical services of the highest internationally accepted standards by employing the most appropriate and up-to-date practices and technology in all fields of medicine. Under the guidance of a highly effective and coordinated professional management team, we strive to constantly improve the quality of patient care, ensuring complete compliance with the highest values and ethics of medical treatment. We strive for total quality management throughout our hospital for the benefit and satisfaction of our customers.
Awards & Accreditation
Bangkok Hospital Medical Center has received the following awards and accreditations:

* The first private hospital in Thailand to receive the ISO 9002 & 9001:2000 accreditation
* Received the Prime Minister's Export Award for Best Service Provider in 2001
* Received the Hospital Accreditation by the Ministry of Public Health of Thailand
* The hospital was the first private hospital in Thailand to receive Board of Investment Promotion Privileges
* Took 1st place at the Hospital Management Asia Awards for their Integration of Quality Improvement projects by using the Standard Requirements of Hospital Accreditation and Brand Management, In September 2002
* Was granted accreditation by Joint Commission International (JCI) in June 2007
* Was awarded as a certified TEMOS partner in December 2007

Bangkok Hospital Medical Center guarantees that our facilities meet international standards and proudly pledges to give each patient the highest level of personal attention and care in one's own language.

Specialties and Procedures at Bangkok Hospital
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Bangkapi , Huay Khwang
+66 2310-3000