After the baby is born

Okay, you have a brand new baby, now what?  There are plenty of baby guides out there already, so we'll focus below on issues that are unique to intended parents with surrogate babies born in India.


How would that get anyone anywhere? It means - if its true - that your baby has an invalid birth certificate. Therefore, easy - tell your country you need to have a birth certificate reissued, you happened to be in India when the child was born, and offer DNA to prove the baby is yours. Maybe best to say you lost the original certificate.


My american partner and I live in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and are looking into becoming parents through surrogacy in India. We just talked to our lawyer and found out that the provided birth certificate in India is only valid in The Netherlands as long as the husband of the surrogate has signed away his rights to the baby through an official court order. This may differ per country. Has anyone had experience with this?

Any info would be helpful. Thanks in advance

Could you tell me which lawyer you are working with in the Netherlands?

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