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Having gone through several surrogacy cycles with a final successful cycle, we wanted to track and share what we learned along the way. You can read more about our experiences on our blog.

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Jan 2014, The Times of Isreal
Several dozen surrogate babies born, or about to be born, in Thailand — through the arrangements of... read more

Oct 2013, Times of India
NEW DELHI: Foreign nationals intending to visit India for commissioning surrogacy will not be... read more

Oct 2013, Times of India
NEW DELHI: Foreign nationals intending to visit India for commissioning surrogacy will not be... read more

Sep 2013, Times of India
Elizabeth Banks Elizabeth Banks has acted in Scrubs and 30 Rock. After trying various treatments... read more

Jul 2010, Times of India
MUMBAI: Two representatives from the Norwegian embassy in Delhi are making enquiries about Andras... read more

Jul 2010, ExpressIndia
Eight European countries wanting to opt for surrogacy-assisted In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF)... read more

Jul 2010, RH Reality Check
Opening a conversation about the intersection between global surrogacy and trafficking requires... read more

Jun 2010, Time
Since the day they were delivered more than two years ago, twin toddlers Nikolas and Leonard Balaz... read more

Apr 2010, Times of India
MUMBAI: Over a year ago, during the frenzy surrounding the success of Slumdog Millionaire at the... read more

Apr 2010, Fox News (USA)
Shabnam had dreamed of owning a home for years, but with few prospects for her husband, she... read more

Apr 2010, Mother Jones
FROM ITS POCKMARKED EXTERIOR WALLS and stark interior, you'd never guess that the pink three-story... read more

Feb 2010, Times of India
HYDERABAD: When the swanky Rajiv Gandhi International airport came up in March, 2008 at Shamshabad... read more

Feb 2010, Times of India
HYDERABAD: At an upmarket ethnic wear store in Banjara Hills, US citizen Brad Fister (29) carefully... read more

Dec 2009, The Malaysian Insider
NEW DELHI, Dec 26 — Most fertility clinics choose only women who are already mothers to be... read more

Dec 2009, IndianExpress.com
Solicitor General of India Gopal Subramanium on Thursday said the government would try to persuade... read more

Dec 2009, Times Now (India)
It’s been two years since German surrogate twins Leonard and Nikolas were born, but German they are... read more

Dec 2009, The Times of India
NEW DELHI: A childless German couple who had twins through a Gujarati surrogate mother are... read more

Nov 2009, IndianExpress.com
In a landmark judgment, the Gujarat High Court on Wednesday conferred Indian citizenship on two... read more

Nov 2009, Sunday Night (Australia)
LISA: It's still just amazing, you know just staring into his eyes and him looking back going, you'... read more

Oct 2009, The Times of India
American couples, especially gay men, are having children abroad for less money and with fewer... read more

Selected Surrogacy Posts

2 May 2014, Amani (Meg)
I hope not, but it's not looking good. Ministry of Health opposes surrogacy for all foreigners... read more
7 Apr 2014, Amani (Meg)
Republishing what is already in the media. Those of us who have been involved with surrogacy... read more
19 Jan 2014, Amani (Meg)
Beginning of the end for surrogacy in Thailand? We saw this happen in India, clinics giving... read more
7 Oct 2013, Amani (Meg)
I never felt I would ever have to write this blog post. I know a lot of you love her, I did too,... read more
3 Jul 2011, Arya and Paul
Here are some things that I have discovered on this trip 1. Cool cabs (blue and white) and ac... read more
26 Feb 2011, Shannon
As a follow up to Geoff's last post, I wanted to share some very important information - "Shannon... read more
16 Jul 2010, Peter
As a U.S. tax payer, I have the opportunity work through my taxes every year. This year I’m... read more
24 Mar 2010, Shannon
It is with a heavy, sad heart that I share this news of us losing the baby. It doesn't come as a... read more
14 Mar 2010, Peter
Many intended parents are interested in understanding whether the Indian surrogacy contract they... read more
28 Dec 2009, Geoff
With the busier December holidays behind us, I had a little time to reflect on our efforts to book... read more
20 Nov 2009, Peter
I've previously written about getting our baby's exit Visa and also getting his passport. The... read more
13 Nov 2009, Shannon
Fortunately for us, Surrogacy India is one of a few clinics in India that allow intended parents to... read more
23 Oct 2009, Geoff
I wanted to spend some time discussing what Shannon and I heard, learned and decided about... read more
3 Oct 2009, Peter
Because we'd like our new baby to have a sibling, so we're looking at another round of surrogacy.... read more
12 Sep 2009, Peter
Meeting the surrogate is an intensely personal choice which sometimes brings out the clash between... read more
3 Sep 2009, Peter
The visit to the FRRO to get the exit Visa was reasonably straight forward since we did bring all... read more
31 Aug 2009, Peter
Being the first road trip with the baby, preparation took longer than we expected. I woke up at 6:... read more
31 Aug 2009, Peter
After 15 days in the NICU at Hiranandani, our baby was released. He went through a pretty standard... read more
15 Aug 2009, Peter
Baby decided to arrive 5 weeks early. We got a call at 11:00 PM congratulating us on a healthy baby... read more
9 Aug 2009, Peter
Although with several bumps, our surrogate’s pregnancy seems to be progressing well. It is... read more
4 Jun 2009, Peter
We got the amniocentesis results back and everything looks fine (99% chance of no genetic problems... read more
20 Apr 2009, Peter
Screening test and Diagnostic tests. You'll receive lots of screening and testing results during... read more
18 Apr 2009, Peter
Yes, our Christmas trip to Rotunda has been successful. Our baby is reaching 16 weeks and all... read more
31 Dec 2008, Peter
Unfortunately, our go with a frozen cycle in the Fall was unsuccessful. We did decide on one more... read more
1 Oct 2008, Peter
Well, unfortunately, our first try with surrogacy was not successful. We've decided that we would... read more